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How to Donate ?

Donations will cover the cost of server and website hosting, and they will allow the server to continue on a month to month basis. We need your help to keep the server, and the community which has grown around it alive for as long as possible.

By donating, you will be helping to keep the [COD] GGW server running. You must, however, agree to the following terms and conditions:

Donating any amount of money does not entitle you to any special treatment on the server or anywhere related to the server.
Donations will not be refunded under any circumstance, even in the event of a ban from the server.
Charge backs or payment cancellations will result in a permanent ban from the server.
You cannot purchase Donator Status from other players for real or in-game money.
Your Donator Status cannot be transferred to another account.
Personal information about anyone who donates will be kept confidential.

With your help, we are sure we will prevail as one of the best server in the SA-MP Community!

If you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions and would like to donate, please click the Paypal Icon Below. (Credit Cards Accepted)

 Vip rules.
1. Do not use VIP cmds in events.
2. No spam in /v and /dsay.
3. Do not share your account.

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